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Welcome to my website!

My name is Paulina Vallin and I hope you join me on my writing journey!

Out now is my coming of age fairytale, Journey of Mem, that is very close to my heart.


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I hope you enjoy my site. 



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For anyone who knows what it means to battle oneself ...

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And so the journey began...


Amazon review

Mem is a girl who feel she doesn't belong in this world, she looks different, feels different, and desperately misses her mother. So she looks for magic, and one day manages to find it.
This was a lovely book that mixes sadness and fear with the joy of exploration and finding yourself. The Beyondness is a well-realized and dream-like place which evoke fables and fairy tales. The chapters of the book sometimes feel like short stories taking place on Mem's journey, rather than a stronger connected narrative, which further adds to the fairy tale nature of the book.

A wonderful debut, and a perfect book to read together with your child (or by yourself)!

"The space for grace" - women's story platform

Paulina Vallin wrote the most beautifully written psychological fairytale (for a more mature audience). The imagery is hauntingly beautiful . It is the story of a young girl named Mem who searches for her mother while discovering herself. Mem spirals through a fairytale world of whimsical creatures and  magical places that live somewhere in the beyondness between sanity and insanity. 

Amazon review

Journey of Mem is a fantastic debut novel by author Paulina Vallin. The story is a layered fairytale through compelling environments along with intriguing characters. Mem and Baby are unique companions, and as the readers have the chance to get to know these characters and their relationship; the underpinning themes of the struggle to find self while battling the challenges of mental illness emerge. It's a wildly unique story and fun read.

Amazon review

While it's about the main character Mem and her fanciful trip to find her mom, the story is actually about growing self-awareness . That's because Mem is working out her own troubled understanding of a very sad event. Her companion is a “monster˘ who is her constant companion and his intentions are questionalble. But the core of the book for readers is the road trip through a strange land with very imaginitive characters in an episodic structure. Once I got started I couldn't put it down. It's not like any othrr fantasy i've read.

Spooky Forest


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